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Empowering Connections With Your Community

At Unique Care Group, our mission is to foster strong community connections for people with disability, ensuring they have access to both mainstream and NDIS supports. Community Connections are available and can be enhanced through tailored NDIS plans for people with disability, fostering stronger community ties and support networks. for NDIS participants, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to engage with their local community, access mainstream supports, and benefit from a network of resources tailored to their needs. Our approach to Community Connection is holistic, aiming to bridge the gap between NDIS participants and the wealth of community and mainstream supports available.

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Why Community Connection Matters

Being connected with one’s community is essential for overall wellbeing, especially for people with disability, as it fosters a sense of belonging and support. It opens doors to new friendships, support networks, and opportunities for personal growth, especially for people with disabilities making community connections particularly valuable. For NDIS participants, establishing these Community Connections is even more crucial. It can lead to enhanced independence, better access to mainstream and community supports, along with specific NDIS Plan funds, are vital for enhancing the quality of life for people with disability. Ensuring that individuals, particularly those eligible for the NDIS, have opportunities tailored to their needs, and a more enriched life.

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Our Community Connection Services

Unique Care Group offers a comprehensive suite of services to help NDIS participants forge meaningful connections within their communities:

Local Area Coordination

Our Local Area Coordinators (LACs) are your partners in navigating the NDIS, helping you access the right supports and community connections available to meet your unique needs, especially for those eligible for the NDIS. apply to the NDIS, and connecting you with mainstream and community supports.

Early Connections

We emphasize the importance of early connections for new NDIS participants, ensuring they have the information and support needed to maximise their plan's benefits from the start.

Community Connections Plan

Tailoring an NDIS plan to meet individual needs is crucial for providing meaningful community engagement opportunities for people with disability. Community Connections Plan for each participant, we focus on personal interests, goals, and the best ways to integrate into the local community effectively.

Making the Most of Mainstream and Community Supports

Understanding the landscape of mainstream and community supports can be overwhelming. Unique Care Group simplifies this process, guiding NDIS participants to connect with services that can enhance their quality of life. From educational opportunities and recreational activities to health services and local events, our goal is to ensure that participants, especially those eligible for the NDIS and people with disabilities, are fully integrated and active within their communities. Community connections are available to support this integration.

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How We Help You Connect

Our dedicated team works closely with participants, including those eligible for the NDIS, to:

Identify individual needs and preferences for community engagement, ensuring that people with disability find meaningful and accessible opportunities.

Facilitate introductions to local groups, clubs, and organisations.

Assist in accessing mainstream services like education, healthcare, and public transport.

Offer ongoing support to ensure sustained engagement and satisfaction with community connections, particularly for individuals eligible for the NDIS or those with disabilities seeking to maximize their community involvement.

Apply to the NDIS and Start Connecting

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you or your loved one in building lasting and meaningful community connections.Unique Care Group is dedicated to fostering strong community connections for NDIS participants, ensuring access to all the supports and resources our vibrant communities have to offer. Get in touch with us today!

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