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Are you looking for a distinctive way to enhance life skills, build confidence, and make new friends? Unique Care Group’s NDIS Community Day Program, fondly known as the ‘Unique Day Out,’ is the perfect solution.
A group of people participating in the NDIS Community Day Program, wearing protective gear and face masks, pose outdoors with paintball equipment on a grass field.

Are you looking for a distinctive way to enhance life skills, build confidence, and make new friends? Unique Care Group’s NDIS Community Day Program, fondly known as the ‘Unique Day Out,’ is the perfect solution.

Operating out of St Marys, servicing all of Sydney, we take pride in offering a range of exciting activities that most providers wouldn’t dare to try. We’re not your ordinary day program — we go beyond the mundane and the ordinary, taking you to places that will rejuvenate your senses and unlock your full potential.

Unique Day Out

The Unique Day Out is all about you – your interests, your goals, and your abilities. Yes, we put our participants in the driver’s seat, providing them with the freedom to choose the activities that best align with their aspirations.

Strike it Lucky with Bowling or Mini Golf

Whether you’re an aspiring pro or just looking for some relaxed fun, our bowling and mini-golf outings will certainly bowl you over. We aim to make these activities not only thrilling but also instrumental in building social skills and increasing confidence.

Adventure Beckons with Rock Climbing and Paintball

For the thrill-seekers, our rock climbing and paintball experiences are sure to provide just the right dose of adrenaline. These activities provide a safe space for participants to step out of their comfort zones, fostering courage and resilience.

Cook Up a Storm with Our Cooking Classes

Our cooking classes go beyond just making a dish. They endow participants with the essential life skill of cooking, while also allowing them to learn about different cultures through their culinary secrets. From eclairs to dumplings, we offer a smorgasbord of delectable cooking experiences.

Master Everyday Skills

With activities focused on shopping and accessing public transport, we foster life skills in a real-world context. This empowers our participants to become more independent and confident in managing their daily tasks.

Unleash Your Creative Side with Arts/Crafts and Gardening

Our arts and crafts workshops offer a creative outlet for self-expression, while our gardening activities are perfect for those who love being in the open air. Both activities promote relaxation, mental clarity, and a sense of accomplishment.

Keep Fit with Exercise Classes, Swimming, and Bush Walking

We understand the importance of maintaining physical health. Our exercise classes, swimming outings, and bush walks are tailored to different abilities and aim to promote overall wellbeing and fitness.

Experience the Great Outdoors

With trips to parks, reserves, and movies, we ensure our participants are always in for a vibrant experience, fostering social interaction and community integration.

At the heart of our Unique Day Out is the aim to bring joy and growth into the lives of our participants. With us, you’re not just signing up for a fortnightly NDIS community day – you are signing up for a ‘Unique Day Out’ that promises to be engaging, educational, and most of all, fun!

So, why wait? Contact us to get on board with Unique Care Group’s NDIS Community Day Program. After all, it’s all about creating your unique day, your way.


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