How to Make a Complaint or Give Feedback

This guide helps you know how to share your thoughts or ask for help if something isn't right. It's for everyone who uses our services, their families, and our team.
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Understanding This Guide

This guide helps you know how to share your thoughts or ask for help if something isn’t right. It’s for everyone who uses our services, their families, and our team.

What’s Inside?

  • Sharing Your Thoughts (Feedback)
    • When you tell us about something that could be better or when you’re happy with how things went.
    • Sharing your thoughts is simple. If something’s not right, tell us, and we’ll try to fix it quickly. Positive thoughts are welcome too!
  • Asking for Help (Complaints)
    • If something is wrong or broken, it’s important to let us know. This is a bit more serious than just sharing a thought.

How to Share or Ask for Help

  1. Talk to Your Support Worker: If something’s not right, let them know first. They’re here to help sort things out.
  2. Use Our Form: If it’s something bigger or if talking didn’t fix it, we have a form you can fill out. Or, call us at 0458 044 838.
  3. Get a Helping Hand (Advocate): If you’re unsure about speaking up, you can have someone else help you out – that’s your advocate.

What Happens Next?

  • We Take It Seriously: Your thoughts and requests for help go straight to our Operations Manager and team.
  • Keeping You in the Loop: We’ll try to get in touch to solve the problem.
  • Record Keeping: We’ll make a note of what happened and how we fixed it, to make sure everything’s sorted.

Why Your Voice Matters

Your feedback helps us:

  • Make our services better
  • Ensure everyone feels safe and respected

Respecting Everyone

We’re here for everyone, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and those from diverse backgrounds. Let us know if you need:

  • An interpreter
  • Information in a different way

Contacting Us

Your thoughts and feelings are important to us. Let’s work together to make things better for everyone.

Explore Our Services at Unique Care Group

At Unique Care Group, we’re committed to providing supportive services tailored to meet your unique needs. Our wide range of services ensures that no matter your journey, you have the guidance and support you require to live your best life.

Support Coordination 
Ease into your NDIS plan with our Support Coordination services. Whether you’re looking for Level 2 or Level 3 support, our team is here to simplify the process, helping you understand and utilise your plan effectively.

Recovery Coaching
Journey towards wellbeing with the aid of our Recovery Coaches. Specialising in psychosocial support, they’re equipped to guide you through the recovery process, fostering resilience and empowerment every step of the way.

Justice System Support
Transitioning back into the community can be challenging. Our Justice System Support service is designed for individuals reintegrating from justice or correctional systems, offering the understanding and assistance needed during this time.

Community Connection
Dive into the heart of your community with our Community Connection services. Tailored to your personal goals, our specialist team connects you with community services, ensuring a supportive network and enriching experiences.

Skill Development
Empowerment through learning is at the core of our Skill Development activities. Aimed at enhancing the abilities of individuals with disabilities, these activities are designed to foster independence and confidence.

NDIS Mentoring
Navigate your NDIS journey with confidence. Our mentoring services are here to assist participants in overcoming challenges and making informed, positive decisions for a fulfilling life.

NDIS & Disability Transport
Our Transport solutions prioritise your independence and ease of access to the community. Designed with your needs in mind, we ensure that getting around is convenient, safe, and tailored to your lifestyle.

Planning and Budgeting
Master your finances with our Planning and Budgeting support. We guide you through daily spending and financial planning, empowering you to manage your resources wisely and with confidence.

Daily Activities
Live independently with our Daily Activities assistance. From personal care tasks to day-to-day routines, our support is designed to encourage self-reliance in all aspects of daily living.

At Unique Care Group, your journey is our priority. With a focus on empowering individuals and connecting communities, we’re here to support you at every step. Reach out to us to discover how our services can enhance your life.


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